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How do I connect my personal device to AVRCE wireless?


Connecting your Personal Device to AVRCE Wireless Networks.

Starting in September of 2018, there will be four (4) wireless networks broadcast within AVRCE they will be as follows;

  1. AVRCE_Devices : This network will be for all AVRCE devices only including cellular and other assets assigned to an individual.
  2. AVRCE_Staff       : This network will be for connecting up to three (3) personal devices for each staff member
  3. AVRCE_Student : This network will be for connecting up to three (3) personal devices for each student
  4. AVRCE_Guest    :  This network will require you to login each time you use it and is primarily for use by visitors to AVRCE.  A visitor is anyone who is not an AVRCE staff member or student and requires access to the wireless network.  The username and password required for guests to connect will be available at each school or site office.


Q - How do I prevent having to login to the wireless repeatedly?

A – If you are an AVRCE Staff member or student you need to submit the
        MAC Address of your device to with a description
        of the device. The MAC Address is a unique identifier to each device.
        The email you send to activate your device must look like the following
         and be sent from your @avrce.ca or @gnspes.ca email address

          Body: +1A:2B:3C:45:67:8D,MyDevice


Q – Where do I find the MAC Address for my device?

A -  For instructions on how to find the MAC Address on your device please
        refer to one of the links below;










Q - How do I connect my personal device to AVRCE_Guest wireless?

A – Open the WiFi applet on your device and click on the AVRCE_Guest
        network, enter your GNSPES username and password. If you are a
        visitor to AVRCE, see the school or site office for credentials.


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