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Connecting to AVRCE wireless with your personal iOS device

Step 1 - Tap Settings Step 2 - Select General
Step 3 - Select About Step 4 - The Mac Address is listed as "Wi-Fi Address"
Step 5 - Send an Email to selfservice@avrce.ca.  

Subject must be "wireless"

Body of email should be a plus sign (+) followed by your MAC address,

comma (,) then a description of your device.

EX:      +70-9G-0F-3D-DF-FA,lapto

Step 6 - Once you send the email you will get a confirmation email with final instructions.  



Contact Us

121 Orchard Street
Berwick  NS B0P 1E0
Email: techsupport@avrce.ca
Phone: (902) 538-4674
Fax: (902) 538-4630